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Prevent & Treat Cauliflower Ear with Caulibuds

Prevent & Treat Cauliflower Ear with Caulibuds

Avoiding cauliflower ear starts with prevention
The best time to buy CauliBuds is before you have a problem with Cauliflower ear. Although CauliBuds are effective treatment for cauliflower ear, prevention is always the best option. Buy CauliBuds today to have the product on hand so when you develop sore ears, or cauliflower ear, you can immediately apply CauliBuds for treatment.

Designed by Athletes, For Athletes
CauliBuds were developed with the help of actual Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling practitioners, and competitors with the idea of training hard while wearing CauliBuds in mind. So, you can be sure Caulibuds will fit comfortably in your ears but most importantly, stay in place during hard workouts and training.  CauliBuds are made with tested high quality, durable material and will not warp, come apart, rip or tear and will last for years. We know you take your training seriously, so why not take your recovery seriously, as well? Treating cauliflower ear more efficiently means you can get back to the mats, ring or field faster than ever before.

How CauliBuds Work
Each CauliBuds kit consists of two sets of magnets (one large set and one small set). Once your ear has been drained, or if you are experiencing a slight amount of swelling, choose the size that fits your needs, and simply place the magnets on either side of the affected area. Continue wearing CauliBuds for the next 48-72 hours (or until the ear has healed). Learn how to drain cauliflower ear here.

When we say CauliBuds were made by athletes for athletes, we mean it. In fact, we personally wear Caulibuds to prevent and treat cauliflower ear. This Allowed us to develop a protocol for the best way to use CauliBuds for maximum results. We include these instructions in every kit so you have the information you need.

Two sizes for maximum results
Every CauliBuds kit comes with two sizes, large and small, so that you will have the appropriate compression and surface area to treat your condition. Use the large magnets to cover a high surface area, or use the small magnets for harder-to-reach areas, or smaller ears.

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14th Dec 2020

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