Caring for your Rashguard and Spats

Caring for your Rashguard and Spats

Rashguards are made from a blend of polyester and elastane, to create the perfect balance of comfort, fit, and material weight. However, you may notice some piling on your rashguard over time. This is not a defect in the product, but rather a natural occurrence when friction or Velcro rubs against the sublimated fabric.

Polyester, the main material in rashguards, is made of short fibres that are prone to "piling", which is when small white bobbles of fabric work themselves out of the main panel of fabric. While higher quality polyester is used with special treatments to minimise piling, it is something that can happen eventually.

To avoid piling, it's best to avoid Velcro, as it can easily pull out the little polyester fibres and ruin your rashguard or spats.

Additionally, avoid washing your rashguard or spats next to items with Velcro strips such as MMA shorts or gloves, also avoid anything with zips or buttons. To protect the fabric during washing, you could invest in a delicates net, or use the delicates setting if you have one on your washing machine. Also, be mindful of any loose threads, as snipping them off can prevent further damage.