How to choose the right Boxing/Sparring Gloves!

In this guide, our team is here to educate you on what a boxing/sparring glove is, what it’s for, what styles you can find and which you should choose!

What is a Boxing/Sparring Glove?

A sparring glove is essentially a boxing glove built for that very purpose

A sparring glove should accomplish 2 things, protect you and your opponent.


As a student or fighter, to ensure longevity in any combat sports, safety should be priority number 1, for your hands, your head & your health.

Ensuring you can achieve the above with the right sparring glove, lowers the risk of giving or receiving a serious injury.

What should a Boxing/Sparring Glove weigh?

While the majority of fighters, coaches, etc. may state that a pair of 16oz gloves are required for sparring,

This may not be suitable for a smaller/lighter student.

For example, a 16oz glove placed on a 120kg student and a 55kg student would provide a severe disadvantage to the smaller weight as the lighter student is carrying a substantially heavier load in comparison to the 120kg student.

The weight of your sparring gloves should be proportionate to your weight and frame, providing the same amount of load on the body to lower the risk of potential injury.

Also note that one’s experience & other physical attributes such as their strength, power and control can come into the choice of sparring glove weight.

Below is a quick guide on body weights & the preferred sparring glove weight:

  • Below 60kgs = 10oz - 12oz
  • 60kgs - 70kgs = 14oz - 16oz
  • 70kgs - 85kgs = 16oz
  • 85kgs+ = 16oz - 18oz or higher

Please note that the above is a quick recommendation and not a rule, there are still other factors to consider, the experience of a boxer, type of padding and more.

Are there different types of Boxing/Sparring Gloves?


Generally, a sparring glove should have a suitable amount of padding over the knuckle, back of the hand & thumbs while also supporting and stabilising the wrist to ensure the user and opponent are protected from any blows.

However, as there are so many brands, models and styles available, not all gloves are built the same, nor with the same level of protection in mind!

You may have heard the term, “punchers” glove, “pillow” glove, “bag” glove, “training” glove & more, which can ultimately lead to a headache if you have only experienced one pair of boxing gloves before!

8th Mar 2021 Punch Equipment

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