Courier Delays and Enquiry Timeframes

Depending on current events, courier companies may struggle with the demand placed on their networks. Strategies are implemented during these times to help alleviate capacity issues. Holiday periods such as Christmas will increase demand and further delays are inevitable. Given these demands, the number of enquiries to courier call centres will also increase, which in turn takes a further toll on the networks. It is important to stay calm and allow reasonable time for deliveries.

Click here to check the Post Haste network status.

The chart below shows approximate expected delays during heavy network demands.

Courier Auckland Delays Rest of NZ Delays Time from Collection before Enquiring
NZ Post Domestic 5 working days 2-3 working days 10 working days
Post Haste 3-4 working days 2-3 working days 5 working days
Castle Parcels 3-4 working days 2-3 working days 5 working days
NZ Couriers 3-4 working days 2-3 working days 5 working days

What to do if you have NOT received your order after 10 days

We use Post Haste for the majority of our shipments. We have used them for many years and have had very few problems, so please, do not panic.

  1. After waiting the appropriate time please call your local Post Haste Branch, you can find their number here:
  2. When speaking to an operator quote your tracking code, it will look like this: COC00014123
  3. Work through the process with them.

In the unlikely event that your order is lost, the issue will be referred back to us and we will sort out a refund.