UMAB save trees all over the world

kick.jpgTired of practicing hits and kicks at the air because wood boards are too expensive, time consuming and inconsistent? Neo-Tuesday Inc is pleased to introduce the New line of 'Ultimate' Martial Arts Boards.

Do you know what your students are breaking? With the UMAB's colors and strengths you will know what your students are breaking time after time. Each color denotes the different strengths of the boards and/or the different levels of understanding and technique of the individual student.

Compared to regular wood boards, the UMAB is sized like and feels like wood, yet offers thousands of consistent breaks. You can make thousands of breaks for about a $0.01 each, instead of the $1.00 or more per break for a wooden board. Using a UMAB can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of breaking wood boards.

Since the UMAB breaks consistently, it provides a more accurate gauge of your progress, unlike wood where strength can very as much as 10 times.

The UMAB is environmentally friendly because it's made from recyclable nylon. It weighs like wood, but makes far more noise for greater satisfaction.

The UMAB is very easy to use. It consists of two separate boards that just snap together. Once in place, the UMAB is ready for action.

Other great features that make the UMAB an improvement over wood boards:

  • Edges have been rounded to reduce or eliminate injuries.
  • Rubber padding is available on all seven board strengths to make the boards more comfortable for the holder.
  • Low cost, consistency and range of resistance makes the UMAB ideal for accelerating skills by developing accuracy and confidence.

Board Details

If you're serious about board breaking, you need to know about the UMAB. A new era in the way of martial arts boards has arrived. After five years of searching, we have finally found a Super Tough Nylon that provides a long life and proven consistency. We have performed extensive comparison testing of Pine boards (several strengths) vs. the UMAB and proved our superiority. Wood boards vary as much as 10 times while the UMAB has very consistent performance. See information below for board testing comparisons.

The UMAB Advantage

  • Better consistency than wood
  • UMAB Boards range from Child sizes to Adult sizes
  • Stackable for power breaking
  • No running to the timber yard
  • Safer for your students and our planet (Save the Trees)
  • Over 300,000 sold
  • Color coded to denote strength
  • Full line of strengths available (7 total)
  • Rounded edges = less injuries
  • Lower cost per break than wood
  • Weight and flexibility like wood

Click here to see how the UMAB compares to wood boards.