The Elephant and the Twig

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The Elephant and the Twig - the art of positive thinking

This is written as a guide through the process of negative thinking that binds us all. It aims to help you to take the plunge to realize your potential, so that you do not have to remain stuck in a social and lifestyle rut as if there is no alternative.

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14 rules to success from hard man Geoff Thompson
Have you ever heard the story of The Elephant and The Twig? In India they train obedience in young elephants (to stop them from escaping) by tying them to a huge immovable object, like a tree, when they are still very young. The tree is so large that no matter how hard the baby elephant pulls and tugs it cannot break free. This develops what is known as ‘learned helplessness’ in the creature. After trying so hard and for so long to break the hold, only to be thwarted time and again, it eventually believes that, no matter what it does, it cannot escape. Ultimately, as a fully-grown adult weighing several tons, they can tie it to a twig and it won't escape, in fact it won't even try.

Do you ever feel like this? That you are tied to an immovable object and can’t break free? That you couldn’t possibly give that presentation at work, that you would never be able to go it alone in business, or that you have to remain stuck in a social and lifestyle rut as there is no other alternative? Rubbish! This book shows you that, when it comes down to it, what ties you and prevents you from realising your potential is only a 'twig';. Geoff Thompson, renowned martial artist and author of the bestselling autobiography Watch My Back, guides you through the process of breaking the negative thinking that binds us all and helps you to take the plunge and properly take on life.

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