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Step 1 - Pick your favorite Tatami products

Step 2 - Check you are ordering the right size by reading our guidelines below

Step 3 - Once your order has been delivered, open the package and check you have the correct size and product.

Step 4 - Check the product for faults. Sometime you may get some loose cotton or loose threads on the garment. Guess what? This is normal.I bet if you walked into your favorite retail store you will find some loose threads on many of the products. lt's no big deal, simply get a scissors and snip it off. Give the seam a little tug and if it seems solid, bingo you have no issues. Loose threads are just over stitching in production and are not faults. We stand by our products 100% and will always provide the best customer service so if there is a hole, rip, tear, stain etc etc email us and we will fix it right away. But if all you have is some loose cotton and no damage please just give it a little snip.

Step 5 - Try it on and make sure it all fits you OK. In the UK we offer free returns (retail customers only) so its always best to rectify wrong sizes before you go wrapping it around someones head. If of course you get any problems with any of products after you wear them please let us know so we can rectify it for you. You are always safe in buy Tatami products and we will always look after our customers. As long as it is within a 6 month period. After that we believe that you have had fair use of any product.


Over the years there have been many myths on how best to care for a BJJ GI, here we will explain to you how best to care for your new Tatami
Fightwear BJJ GI. Please note that the instructions and advice given in this section are purely for Tatami Fightwear products as other brands may use
different methods during production.


Some people may tell you that you have to wash your BJJ Gl in vinegar to keep the colour,or bicarbonate of soda to keep it crystal white.None of these are necessary with Tatami Fightwear BJJ GI's here is how to best care for your new Gl.

  • Always wash your BJJ GI at 30-40 degrees centigrade. Washing on a higher temperature can not only cause excessive shrinking but can also warp the collar of the jacket. All of our BJJ GI's have a collars made from a core of EVA rubber giving it strength and durability.Washing and drying on high temperatures can cause the collar to warp out of shape.
  • Always wash your Gl inside out, this prevents other clothes or indeed the Gl itself from rubbing the fabric. Particulariy in coloured BJJ GI's this will help to keep the Gl's correct colour for longer.
  • If possible wash with an organic or non-bio detergent this will minimize the chemicals interacting with the fabric of Gl.
  • We are very proud of the colour fastness of all our BJJ GI's. They are treated with a special dye sealing process in manufacture so there is no need to wash with any other products (i.e.vinegar,bicarbonate of soda etc)

BJJ Models

Estilo Model - This is our premium and industry standard size. The Estilo will shrink approx. 1-2% if washed at 30°C. This Gi model has taken years to develop and it is regarded worldwide as being a functional and fitting pattern and style. The unique Y vent on the Estilo 5.0 model offers a superior body wrap of the gi. This helps the gi stay in the belt longer and makes you look much more bad ass.

Dragon Fly Model - This Gi is based on the same materials and cut as the Estilo standard so you can expect a similar level of fit and function.

Thinker & Zen Model - This Gi is based on the same materials and cut as the Estilo standard so you can expect a similar level of fit and function.

Mike Fowler Signature Model** - Special mention for the Mike Fowler Signature Gi. This Gi is based on the Estilo standard size, however, because it is made from a Gold Weave jacket and Twill Cotton pants you will notice up to a 10% shrinkage in all areas. In this case we recommend you buy a size up or contact our support team for advice prior to purchase.

Nova Model - This model is cut approx. 2-3cm larger in all areas vs the Estilo 5.0. This is simply to accomodate the shrinkage that you encounter in this model. The Nova gi will shrink approx. 5-7% in all areas at 30°C wash over approximately 5 washes. When you open this gi fresh out of the packaging please take this into account.

Zero G Model - Again as the Nova model this Gi is cut approx 3-4cm larger in all areas.The Zero G will not shrink as much as the Nova but we have cut this Gi slightly larger to accommodate Gi checks you may encounter when entering competitions.

Inverted Collection Model - This Gi will fit very similar to the Zero G model, being a few cm longer than the Estilo standard. This Gi will feel a little different to our other models due to it being made in China on a different type of pearl weave material.Again expect approx 3-4cm of shrinkage on this model.

Honey Badger V3 Model - This is based on the Zero G size so you can expect a similar level of fit and function to the above.

The Tank Double Weave Model - In similar respect to the Mike Fowler Gi the Tank Double Weave is made on the Estilo standard pattern but will also shrink approx 10%. This will happen over a few washes.Because of the sheer weight and the thickness of this Gi it will also appear slimmer due to the material not being able to wrap around your body as much as a light weight Gi. This Gi is meant for hard core guys, but again you may want to either buy a size up and contact our support team for advice.


  • Under no circumstance should you place your BJJ gi in a tumble dryer, this will cause high levels of shrinkage and will stress all areas of the BJJ GI causing it to lose shape (see above section on washing at high temperatures)
  • Always allow your gi to dry naturally do not let it dry against any high temperatures, i.e. radiators, towel rails. A method We recommend is to place the Gl's on a clothes dryer and position it about 1m from a radiator. This allows the warm air to circulate and dry the Gl, without the excessive temperature.


  • If you are one of the people who likes to iron their Gl's, please iron inside our and not over any of the patches.Even though the patches on the Gl's are woven, they can sometimes stick to the bottom of an iron.


  • By nature all BJJ Gi's will shrink slightly (no matter what some brands might say!). Cotton is a material that will absorb water heavily when washed. When the Gl is then dried the material will shrink back and condense down to its tightest form. lf it is dried at a high temperature the water evaporates from the material quicker and the cotton condenses or shrinks more.That is why when washing and drying you should do so on the lowest temperature possible.


Estilo Premier BJJ GI (washed at 30 degrees centigrade) - 1-2% Jacket and Pants

Zero G Super-light BJJ GI(washed at 30 degrees centigrade) - 3-4% Jacket and Pants

Nova Basic BJJ GI (washed at 30 degrees centigrade) - 5% Jacket, 7% Pants (please note these are our estimated guidelines)

We hope this will allow you get the most for your new (or old) Tatami Fightwear BJJ gi,although this is not a definitive list of steps your can take to look after your gi, it should point you in the right direction.