Belts sizing guide

Choosing the right martial arts belt size

If you wear a size 5/180cm uniform then you could reasonably expect to wear a size 5 belt.  But given the wide variation in people’s waist sizes, use the following formula to more accurately work out the correct belt size for you.

Decide how low you want the belt to hang down, e.g. 3cm longer than your jacket length. Now measure your waistline with your uniform on, and calculate:
(Waistline cm x 2) + (hang length cm x 2) + 30cm for knot = belt length

For example, with a 98cm waist and a jacket that is 29cm long, you would calculate:
(98cm x 2) + (32cm x 2) + 30cm = 290cm = size 6 belt

Note for single-wrap styles, do not multiply the waistline measurement by 2. If the calculation does not quite work out to an exact belt size, go a little longer – belts can shrink a little over time, or can be shortened.

Use the chart below to help make your decision:

Belt Size: 0/180 1/200 2/220 3/240 4/260 5/280 6/300 7/320
Belt Length (cm) 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320

How to properly wear your martial arts belt:

The belt sits on your hips, below the waistband of your pants. The belt goes around your waist and hangs down to the front, with both sides being an even length. Ask your Instructor what method of tying your belt is appropriate for you. There are many tutorials available on the web.


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