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If you're serious about board breaking, you need to know about UMAB boards. After years of searching, UMAB finally found a Super Tough Nylon that provides a long life and proven consistency. Extensive comparison testing of Pine boards (several strengths) vs. the UMAB proves our superiority. Wood boards vary as much as 10 times while the UMAB has very consistent performance.

Assembly: Each UMAB consists of two identical halves. To assemble a board, take one in each hand and slide together so that the pegs fit into their corresponding slots. Tap it on the floor until the seam is completely closed.

Breaking: To break the UMAB, support it from behind at the edges. Strike the smooth side only. Strive to hit the board in the centre with enough power to pop the pegs free from their slots. A loud snapping sound will occur.

The UMAB Advantage:

  • Better consistency than wood
  • UMAB Boards range from Child sizes to Adult sizes
  • Stackable for power breaking
  • Designed friendly for the holder with padding
  • No running to the lumber yard
  • Safer for your students and our planet (Save the Trees)
  • Over 300,000 sold
  • Color coded to denote strength
  • Full line of strengths available (7 total)
  • Rounded edges = less injuries
  • Lower cost per break than wood
  • Weight and flexibility like wood
  • Made in USA


  • White denotes Lamb - suitable for beginners
  • Yellow denotes Coyote - suitable for Yellow belts and above
  • Orange denotes Tiger - suitable for Orange belts and above
  • Green denotes Crane - suitable for Green belts and above
  • Blue denotes Monkey - suitable for Blue belts and above
  • Brown denotes Cobra - suitable for Brown belts and above
  • Black denotes Dragon - The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE, suitable for Black belts and above
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5 Reviews

Bob Boardman 15th Sep 2014

The best rebreakable boards I have come across.

All other rebreakable boards I have come across are utter crap by comparison. These may cost twice as much as Chinese equivalents which will give you 50 breaks before breaking (100 if you are lucky) but these will last 100 to 200 times longer (yes 100-200 times!!!).

Dave Butchers Botany Taekwon-Do 24th Apr 2013

Good for all ages

The rubber backing makes them kind to your hands for the times they are hit "high" and don't break I would recommend this product. Very good for the kids and adults.

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