Online BJJ training during Covid 19

In the wake of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, large aspects of society have screeched to a grinding halt. Sporting and cultural events, businesses, and even government functions have been shut down, and in the New Zealand and elsewhere, groups of varying sizes have been banned and lots of gyms/dojos are shutting down until the virus is under control.

The good news for BJJ practitioners is that there are currently a few online options so you can continue your training, hopefully other styles will follow this - will keep you posted.

Ground Control in New Zealand is currently setting up online training,

Twelve-time IBJJF World champion Caio Terra, the founder of the Caio Terra Academy team, is offering two weeks of free online training through

The Renzo Gracie Online Academy is offering free access for a month (no strings attached) at

BJJ fanatics fighter John Danaher will be releasing in the next few days a free instructional video, check out his instagram.

23rd Mar 2020 Shane Clapson

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