ESCRIMA STICK 28" (Rattan)

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High Quality Escrima Stick
  • 28" overall
  • Each stick is made from premium quality rattan
  • Burned and carved rattan
  • Sold as a pair

Rattan is commonly used for training long blade techniques as well as impact weapons in the Filipino and Indonesian arts. The safety advantage of rattan is that when it breaks, it frays and its fibers degrade rather than splinter and possibly cause a dangerous injury.

Please Note: Since rattan sticks are a natural product, each one varies.

Originating from the Philippine islands, the martial art of Escrima emphasizes item-based combat. The most basic and common item used in Escrima is the stick, or yantok, usually constructed of wood, Practitioners of Escrima commonly start off mastering item such as the stick before moving on to master hand-to-hand combat.



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